Black Luscious Primer

Pre base water-based with a light mousse texture to apply before makeup. Formulated without parabens, ASD, paraffin, oils. Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic. Vegan-friendly. Matte Effect. Its black color is due to its formulation with Charcoal Powder, known for its detox properties. Its silky texture smooths the surface of the skin creating a thin veil that corrects imperfections. Apply a thin layer before applying makeup.

Colour Drops

Small drops of pigment to adjust the color of your makeup to the tone of your skin.Mix one or two drops with your moisturizer, your makeup base or CC cream to achieve the desired tone.

MIA Lipsticks


Moisturizing lipstick with a novel formulation that hydrates and nourishes your lips keeping them soft and healthy.Formula based on natural assets that protect and care for your lips, prolonging its delicious velvety effect.Wide range of latest trend colors to use at any time of the day.Ultra-Light Packaging to carry unnecessary weight in your bag.Made in Italy.


Lipex L’Sense: Active based on Shea butter and Soy Glycerides that provide prolonged hydration over time, with a delicious velvety effect.Olio Di Argan: Effective against expression lines and protective barrier against external agents such as pollution, sun, and cold.Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, fatty acids with natural emollient and moisturizing properties that revitalize dry skin.Monoi Butter: Coming from the exotic Tiaré flower of French Polynesia, Monoi butter nourishes the skin deeply and protects it, creating a protective shield and helping it to remain elastic and soft.

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