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MIA Flowers

MIA Artist

Membership in our Artist FREE program includes:

  • 25% discount on most MIA Cosmetics Paris products sold through (
  • No annual fee
  • Opportunities to partner with MIA Cosmetics Paris
  • Brand-sponsored professional artist at industry events
  • MIA Cosmetics Paris Content co-creator
  • Shoutouts and “artist of the week” Feature
  • Dedicated emails with exclusive content and special offers

MIA Ambassador

  • The MIA Flower-Power Program is a partnership opportunity for those who enjoy our brand and products.

  • Our program allows influencers and affiliates to share and promote their favorite MIA Cosmetics Paris products and earn money and other exclusive rewards at the same time.

  • MIA Flowers receive a unique link that directs traffic to the MIA Cosmetics Paris website, and earn 10% commission every time a new customer uses their link.

  • Earnings are solely dependent on the Flower Power and their promotion of MIA Cosmetics Paris products.

  • This site is a resource for MIA Flowers to learn about their Flower-Power accounts, product information, promotions, strategies and more! Please reach out to us at with any of your influencer-related questions.