MIA Base Coats

Base Coats

It is the first step to a perfect manicure.

It helps to obtain a more lasting manicure and professional finish.

In this category we have 4 products that can be used as a base.

Each one provides different special benefits for all types of nails.

  • Strengthen Base Coat

    Strengthen Base Coat

    Fill in ridges and cover imperfection of the nails. Always use before the enamel for a 100% smooth finish.

  • Hydra Shaker

    Hydra Shaker

    Hydration and deep nutrition, specially for very dry nails.

  • Calcium Milk Enamel

    Calcium Milk Enamel

    Deep hydration and strengthening of the nail. It conditions the nail for growth.

  • Triple 5

    Triple 5

    Strengthener of keratin, hydration with protection against breakage, deep nutrition and stimulates growth.

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